2 Days in the Countryside-1 Night of Sleep in the Village

Pick up is at 8:00am from your hotel or anywhere else in Siem Reap!
1 day at Koulen mountain, 1 day in the countryside and 1 night of sleep in the home village.

Everyone loves it. Spend your days in our village that we have prepared for your great time with the local people, the friendliest people you have met in your life. Learn about our country people cultures and tradition, see how we live our lives and what we do. Another special thing is if you need to extend your stay for another days and nights in the countryside, it is absolutely ok and you just pay a little extra. Just take everything easy because our Pineapple Cambodia Tours is always welcoming and make your day perfect. After everything is completed, you’ll return with a beautiful memory and more than a thousand smiles.

Highlight : 1st day: Real life of Cambodian people, traveling by the local transportation Cambodian tractor, experience with the Cambodian people, private temple in the jungle, Buddhist monastery, countryside culture, having meals with the villagers, Cambodian BBQ along the river, swimming and sharing your experiences with people of the village.
                   2nd day: having the Cambodian breakfast before our tour starts, get on a tractor to visit the most beautiful Koulen mountain about 25km from the village, hiking up to the mountain top, waterfall, a river of 1000 lingas, large 16th century reclining Buddha on the top of the mountain and enjoy your meal. 


Price : Tuk Tuk and the Cambodian Tractor Tour

  • 208$ per 1 person
  • The next people receive 30% off each. 

    Kids under 12 receive 50% off for all tours. 

Tour Includes: 

  • Temple Pass
  • Mountain fee
  • 1 night of sleep in the village
  • Cambodian tractor 
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Experienced driver
  • English speaking guide 
  • Local meals, snacks and drinks

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2 Days in the Countryside-1 Night of Sleep in the Village

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