Cambodian Life Experience - 1 day in Countryside

Start at 8:00am-around 5 noon

Real Cambodia you never knew!

You may think that coming to Cambodia is only for visiting an Angkor, but there’s lot of things that you couldn't imagine about it's countryside and real Cambodian people. You've done your Angkor Tour that were thinking about at home, if you are coming here only for that is not enough. I am Ben, a young countryside man, I lived in my village with my big family and I realized that every single day in the countryside is a special day that happy and fun. We are not really thinking much about what is going on, we live our lives in the way of happiness and smiles. We’ve got a lot of kind and friendly neighbors and everyone in our village knows each other.

Make your day with our Pineapple Cambodia Tours’s operator and our team to a village, spending one day time with people of Cambodian living in the countryside about 40km from the city of Siem Reap. Do the things that you never imagine in your whole life with us and seeing how they live their lives. Coming back to your hotel with a thousand smiles that you will never forget.

Highlight:  Real Cambodian people, Cambodian tractor transportation experience, private temple in the jungle, Buddhist monastery, countryside culture, having a meal with villagers, Cambodian BBQ along the river, swimming, sharing your experience with people in the village.


Price : Tuk Tuk and Cambodian Tractor Experience

  •  105$ per 1 person
  • The next people receive 30% off each.

    Kids under 12 receive 50% off for all tours. 

Tour Includes: 

  • Temple Pass
  • Cambodian tractor 
  • Cambodian tuk tuk
  • Experienced driver
  • English speaking guide 
  • Local meal, snacks and drinks

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Cambodian Life Experience - 1 day in Countryside

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