Countryside and Angkor Exploring-2 Days Tour

Start at 8:00am-5 noon 
Real life of Cambodian people and Angkor exploring.

The amazing and friendly Cambodian people in the countryside about 40km from the city, our tour created this greatest package for everyone who wanted to know how local people live is and what we do in the countryside. This is the special experiences, I am Ben, I was born and raised in the countryside so I know everything about it and you should too.

Highlight : 1st day, the Angkor Wat Tour by our modern family car : Gate of Angkor Thom city, Bayon, Baphoun, Terrace of Elephant and the Leper King, Ta Nei temple, the ruined temple of Ta Prom in the middle of the jungle then Cambodian lunch, Sras Srong reservoir and Angkor temple before sunset.                    
             2nd day, Real life of Cambodian people : traveling by local transportation Cambodian tractor, experience with Cambodian people, private temple in the jungle, Buddhist monastery, the countryside culture, having meals with the villagers, Cambodian BBQ along the river, swimming and sharing your experiences with the people of the village.


Price : Tuk Tuk, Car and the Cambodian Tractor Tour 

  • 215$ per 1 person
  • The next people receive 30%off each. 

    Kids under 12 receive 50% off for all tours. 

Tour Includes: 

  • Temple Pass (37$)
  • Cambodian tractor 
  • Tuk Tuk
  • Modern family car 
  • Experienced driver
  • English speaking guide 
  • Local meal, snacks and drinks

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Countryside and Angkor Exploring-2 Days Tour

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